Airport Gurus team owns proven experience in seeking the balance between compliance with the airport operational requirements and the tireless search for the automation of all sides of the operation.

Our methodology rationalizes the generation of adequate concepts and procedures for the airport operation, with an underlying leitmotiv of retrieving data from all processes across the airport operation to facilitate the implementation of a performance and data-driven airport management.

Likewise, our objective as a firm is focused on supporting the airport team development. We help on justifying the deployment plans and the requirements to be met, throughout the generation of operating concepts that are always tailored and adapting processes and organizations to allow these concepts of operation to be deployed effectively. We promote coordination and continuous improvement via the concentration of key management roles on airport control centers (AOCC, SOC… etc.) while assuring the optimization and efficiency of existing resources.

On our operation-related consulting projects, one of our main targets is to achieve a friendly and clearly settled environment for all the stakeholders who participate in the operation, assuring a correct understanding of roles and responsibilities all across the different processes.

Our methodology used across our references and experience in the operational environment is based on the following pillars.

First, the generation of operating concepts for areas covering main airport macro-processes: Airplane, Passenger, Baggage and Cargo, broken down after the different sub-processes composing the operation (turnaround management, passenger supervision, security, technology management… etc.). All that encompasses the complete study of processes with the definition of the required organization and infrastructure.

Once operating concepts have been settled down, Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) can be generated. At this point our expert team groups and standardizes the tasks that are undertaken as part of the operation of the airport, defining all aspects which will drive the process’s execution. Such SOP includes information as relevant as the stakeholders involved, information flows, KPIs and deliverables associated with each procedure execution.

Operating concepts (CONOPS) and SOPs will serve then as the starting point to define deployment needs at the airport: kicking off the design of required infrastructures, dimensioning of spaces and architecture, studies of future optimization scenarios, and reaching up to the generation of training plans.


We complement the generation of Concepts and Procedures for airport operation, with activities related to the certification required by regulatory aviation bodies to allow the actual aerodrome operation. Such activities include the generation of Security/Safety plans generation, the simulation of airport processes to assure the operation feasibility, the safeguarding of airport infrastructure and other matters related to the airport certification.