The Airport Gurus team focus on defining and implementing a wide portfolio of technology consulting solutions, which allows a wide range of clients to adapt their technology like a glove to the airport features and process when facing a construction phase, renovation, or adaptation.

Such capability is endorsed by the experience accumulated at all-sized airports in different environments and countries, as well as a technological vision focused mainly on the digitalization of the processes involved in the airport environment and projects undertaken.


The aspect of digitalization has accelerated exponentially in the last 2 years, and our team has understood this aspect of constant change and has been involved in understanding and applying new trends in both systems and communications, which help customers to deliver of documentation, as a result of our work, which explicitly shows what they must implement and at what times, so that the operation or other aspects such as the financial vision are not affected.

The contribution of our team to your technological needs could not be more grounded in knowledge about information technologies and best practices worldwide applied to the airport environment, allowing you to give peace of mind and confidence in the results obtained from our consulting work.

Airport Gurus perfectly manages the volatile nature of technology, subject to constant revolutions on very short-term periods, and on long-term airport project planning. Our participation in the international forums where such innovations are incubated facilitates a deep understanding of innovation trends which will impact the aviation market in the following years, enabling us to apply all that knowledge to our projects and services.

We accompany our customers and partners along the whole airport technology journey: from the initial definition of what the business requirements are, passing through the translation of such business requirements into actual solutions, and ending up with the proper tendering, procurement, deployment, testing and commissioning of such solutions, all that in alignment with the airport process and operations to which the technology must serve to.

The management of the systems life cycle is of the essence in the development of airport technological consulting projects. The impact of the systems updates or upgrades affects the airport operation and infrastructure, and this must be taken into consideration especially in such a critical mission environment as an airport.