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IT advisory and solution implementation for the commercial exploitation and management of all commercial spaces at Jeppesen Terminal of Denver International Airport for the GHP 35 years concession period

Context and clients needs

Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the United States by total land area, and the fifth busiest by passenger traffic with plus 60Mppa.
On 2017, City of Denver (Denver’s airport owner) awarded the refurbishment of the Jepsen terminal (main) to Great Hall Partners, including the design & construction, Operation & Maintenance, financing of the whole project activities and the management of the commercial spaces for the total duration of the 35 years concession period.
The challenge of this innovative leader project was to exhaustively comply with the Airport concession contractual requirements by implementing a solution minimizing Capex/Opex costs and maximizing the benefits (increasing retailers and GHP business and enhancing passengers experience), whilst having a minimum impact in the current on-going terminal operations through the following highlines:

  • Automation as much as possible all tasks related with the contract management
  • Cost savings through manual activities reduction (surveys, data gathering and reports generation)
  • Revenues increase through smart marketing strategies (passenger monitorization and marketing campaigns implementation)
  • Provision of the best quality experience to the passengers on the terminal area

Our value added

AIRPORT GURUS have a highly-skilled team who have previously participated in several IT advisory processes covered the whole spectrum of management areas from the pure innovation activities to the implementation of actual commercial systems at big worldwide.

The project scope of works and methodology included:

Assessment on the best feasible Technological Solution, IT Architecture and Processes to be implemented to achieve GHP business targets.

Support on the tenants contractual arrangements to ensure their alignment with GHP data management objectives

Leading the solutions tendering, evaluation and technology acquisition processes.

Monitoring of the Design, Development and Implementation of the solutions

Support to the Operation, through an smart assessment on the big data retrieved.



The project cornerstone was to define the fit-to-purpose systems architecture and appoint the suppliers (single COTS solution, a bespoke product or a combination of both) which could provide the best combination of technical compliance and Capex/Opex cost.

Through a fair tendering process conducted by Airport Gurus based on specifications generated regarding GHP system requirements, functionalities and interfaces, the final products were selected from more than 30 supplier solutions taking in account: technical compliance and design risks (i.e. functionalities to be developed), budget, passenger and concessionaire additional benefits, and supplier company profiles.

Airport Gurus evaluation and assessment accomplished an efficient management system of the terminal commercial tenants through a complex integrated solution comprising a new Point of Sales System (PoSS), combined with a passenger tracking and passenger experience feed-back system, and its associated web engagement and social media APP.

The complexity of the project relapsed at the integration of every mentioned system in order to:

  • Get detailed information about tenants, contracts, communication, performance, invoices, to be gathered in different ways using not only system interfaces but also direct manual inputs (using a Web-App).
  • Provide the passenger a full experience environment based on passenger’s feed-back systems, and a compilation of data analysed arising: face recognition technology, Wifi, flight information, passenger flows, queues, waiting times, occupancies, asset utilization and purchases at the airport, etc…
  • Storage and analysis sales data related to retail and F&B operations, for performance analysis and bench marking allowing the generation of specific marketing campaigns at the terminal based on passengers shopping behaviour in order to maximize the tenant’s revenue.

Moreover, Airport Gurus provided support on the integration and certification of the selected systems by monitoring and supervising the design, the first step of a detailed roadmap for a successful/on-time project development that concluded in a deployment, procurement and implementation phase of the solution.

Key facts

  • More than 60 MPax per year
  • More than 56.500 square feet of commercial space
  • 51 commercial spaces fully operative
  • More 30 suppliers and products analysed (systems technical compliance matrix, suppliers company profile, Capex/Opex cost budget)
  • More than 50 requirements parameterized

Completion date: Present

Quote of key stake-holder

  • Airport Functional Support: Infrastructures dimensioning, Concepts of operation, Operational areas functional design, Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) engineering, Airport organization adaptation and Commercial and management support.
  • Airport Technical Support: ICT master plans, ICT systems deployment strategy, Brief and detailed ICT design, Airport Systems Integration management, Test and training management and ORAT support regarding ICT and infrastructures.

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