About Airport Gurus:

The Airport Gurus team is able to focus on defining and implementing a wide portfolio of technological consulting solutions, which allow a wide range of clients to adapt their technology and adapt it like a glove to the airport or airport process that faces a construction phase, renovation or adaptation.

It is able to do this thanks to the experience accumulated in different environments and countries, as well as a technological vision focused mainly on the digitalization of the processes involved in the airport environment and projects carried out.

In recent years, technology has advanced remarkably, and thus the knowledge bases have also been updated that allow us to increase adaptability to the projects, environments and queries that our current and future clients request from us.

The contribution of our team to your technological needs could not be more grounded in knowledge about information technologies and innovations applied to the airport environment, allowing you to give peace of mind and confidence in the results obtained from our consulting work.

The aspect of digitalization has accelerated exponentially in the last 2 years, and our team has understood this aspect of constant change and has been involved in understanding and applying new trends in both systems and communications, which help customers to have a delivery of documentation, as a result of our work, which explicitly shows what they must implement and at what times, so that the operation or other aspects such as the financial vision are not affected.

Within this chapter of technology as an objective within our work, a continuous accompaniment is always reflected from the definition of what the need is and what requirements are needed until being able to deliver and make all those involved understand what the environment is, the technological concepts and also, how technology purchase processes and their future implementation can be carried out.

The life cycle of the systems is such an important aspect for the development of technological consulting projects that it allows us to understand how the updating of the systems that affect the airport operation and infrastructure should be approached, allowing integration into the solution financial and business planning those technological concepts that must be purchased, modified or even eliminated, allowing this to become a natural tendency within the technological operation at the airport as a provider of technological services.

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