Expert and independent know-how perfectly adapted to any location. We help you bridge the gap between operations and technology .

Who are we?

Airport Gurus are leaders in bridging digital airport systems, technology, and operations at all types of airport around the world while providing expert advice and support.

Taking into account modern challenges and the reality we are all living in the airport industry sector, health and safety processes are at the forefront of everything we do.

We specialise in large and small airports and adapt to the needs and specifications of any given location. We are proven experts in personalised airport solutions in North America, Europe, the Middle East and other global locations.

Clients have come to feel safe with Airport Gurus


Because we make sure you’re in good hands, at every stage of the project.

A boutique, personalised consultancy experience. A different experience of service and collaboration for both landside and airside solutions, with all of the safety and trust our 100+ years bring to every project.

Confidentiality and independence. Our clients receive the most independent perspective and solution, personalisable and customisable for all consultancy solutions.

Integrity and ethics at the forefront of everything we do. This is a non-negotiable value for us.

Access to a range of areas of expertise, each one focused on adding value and providing an international and local perspective.

Local knowledge. We adapt and grow alongside our clients wherever we are in the world.

North American markets, with their distinct challenges, form part of our global expertise. Denver and Mexico City are two North American locations where we’ve adapted and added value to distinct local challenges and cultures of the United States and Latin America for each of these major locations that serve millions of passengers and staff.

Airport Gurus offer an unmatchable balance between professional, dynamic teams of experts who put their passion and track record of providing the absolute best in all aspects of your airport facility with technology and security at the forefront.

We believe that this combination is more important than ever in ensuring the most streamlined experience possible for any project or solution- let us take care of everything and be your true gurus for operational and ICT needs, ensuring the perfect link between these two areas.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and travel and tourism industry reactivations, clients tell us that it’s more important than ever to be able count on expert assistance and a wealth of knowledge. But what really sets us apart?

 Our 100+ years of rich experience and constant learning which we pride ourselves on using to evolve and add value across all of the continents where we work.

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