Information Technology Systems peer review  design conducted and expert workshops held with key stakeholders. Using expertise to generate concepts for IT& Security systems expansion project goals.

Lima Fact file

Lima is Peru’s capital and situated next to the important port of Callao. It’s a bustling business capital with a long history of immigration and entrepreneurship. The city’s growing airport is essential for the connection to other hubs in South and Latin America.

Key features of this airport

50M pax per year potential capacity target for 2040

An extended perimeter area of 9 million square metres

An important growth project for aviation in the entire region

Our work at Lima – Mission & Scope


  • Generating and setting criteria for Information Technology and Security design

  • Using AG experience to estimate CAPEX

  • All stages of design review process for both airside and landside Working Packages using out expertise in Airside-Landside solutions management

  • Tender scope of work project definition

  • Carefully conceptualizing of ICT & Security Operations

Value added through our expertise


  • Using extensive knowledge and track record on IT design projects, specification and systems integration in addition to compliance issues and safety management systems in order to provide guidance and leadership as IT design responsible as part of the overall global design consultant team.

  • Acting as a guide and advisor using track record in management

  • Encouraging best practices and meeting the expectations of stakeholders

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