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Consulting services for the fit-to-purpose re-design and optimization of CCTV systems for Muscat (MCT) and Salalah (SLL) airports in Oman.


Context and clients needs

Muscat and Salalah, the two bigger international airports in Oman, undertook a tremendous modernization and expansion plan, to increase their actual annual capacity to more than 25 MPax per year, through the construction of a new Passenger Terminal building at both airports in parallel.
As part of the new PTB dressing, an operational upgrade was required to keep the security at its highest level, through the deployment of state-of-the-art security systems and adapting security criteria to the new environment, engaging all country security related stakeholders together to ease the passenger journey but ensuring the proper coverage of all possible threats.
The initial design resulted notably unmanageable due to the massive number or devices initially included, and a rational design was of the essence to align the expectation of all stakeholders participating on the security definition while keeping related infrastructure and implementation costs under control.
The challenge of this project was to perform a fit-to-purpose assessment on the existing design on a massive area (the whole new PTBs at both airports) to come out with a rational while feasible design fulfilling the expectations and facilitating the endorsement of the different stake-holders.

Our value added

Airport Gurus has a successful projects track-record in security activities and international security regulations which enabled to approach the project with a robust but flexible methodology to transform client difficulties/challenges into improvement/benefits, in the continuous airport changing environment.

Airport gurus received the mandate from Ultra Electronics (the appointed MSI contractor at this time) to perform a fit-to-purpose re-design of the required CCTV cameras throughout the exhaustive review of the IFC Drawings. Each of the different devices were identified, assessed and allocated to specific security purpose updating, moving or removing them when needed. The complete configuration management database was updated accordingly as part of the resulting design.

The outcomes of Airport Gurus contribution implied a significant rationalization of the security systems deployment with a solid definition of the applied security criteria, resulting in a proposed reduction of the 34% of the field elements (cameras) with a very significant budget decrease.

Key facts

  • More than 14 (Muscat) and 2 (Salalah) MPax in 2017
  • More than 500,000 m² of terminal area covered
  • More than 5600 cameras and CCTV included in the original design
  • Number of cameras reduced in 34% increasing CCTV system efficiency

  Completion date: 2014

AG capabilities involved

Airport Safety & Security:

  • Security deployment strategy, stakeholder engagement and security systems brief and detailed design