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Consultancy support for the elaboration of Security, Airport Operation Control Centre, IT and utilities Standard Operational procedures (SOPs) at King Abdul-Aziz International airport (KAIA) in Jeddah.

Context and clients needs

King Abdulaziz International Airport undertook an ambitious business plan to face the challenges of the always evolving aviation market, including the construction of a complete new Passenger Terminal building (to accommodate to the expected traffic growth to reach a processing capacity target of 80 Mpax to be achieved by 2035) and the rationalization of all processes and procedures to be ready for future stakeholders becoming part of the airport operation.

In order to achieve such target, airport Operational Manuals and procedures had to be revised and adapted to the future operational requirements and in compliance with regulations. The new Operational Procedures were prepared with the purpose of setting a guidance to provide measurable standards of service and to enable the safe and efficient use of the facilities by defining the needs of systems, organization, gap analysis and improvements.

The challenge was, therefore, undertaking this complete SOPs development following the highest standards of quality on airport management and to adapt them to the constantly evolving circumstances of the airport. Furthermore, this had to be done involving and obtaining the validation and consent of all the different stakeholders.

Our value added

Airport Gurus has an airport operations global expertise and the ability to understand the link between airport business needs and the required IT infrastructure, and to align the required airport functional operations/IT support. AG support covers from initial strategy analysis to the operational procedures needed for the day-to-day airport operational decisions.

As part of the EGIS group team executing the project, the first steps were to collect, gather, document and review with the stakeholders all the current procedures. AG consultants analysed and produced more than 300 SOP segmented in four main areas: IT, Security Airport Operation Control Centre (AOCC) and utilities (power, water,… etc). Such SOPs were presented, discussed and validated with the airport stakeholders. Ultimately, the Operation Manual and the Operating & Maintenance Manuals (O&MMs) were generated.

Such rationalization exercise of airport operational areas took less than a year and allowed in a later stage a partial externalization of the operation revisiting the airport organization according to the client needs with the maximum quality standards.

Key facts

  • More than 670.000 m² of terminal extension
  • More than 80 MPax per year expected to 2035
  • Number of SOPs generated: 150 AOCC, 46 Security, 44 Data Centre and 30 Power Station
  • All Airport stakeholders involved (Operations, All security agencies, IT, Management…)

Completion date: 2015

Quote of key stake-holder

  • Airport Functional Support: Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) Engineering, Airport orgfanization adaptation.
  • Airport Safety & Security: Airport Security & Safety Plans.

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