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Consultancy and technical support for the Due Diligence of ADL (Aéroports de Lyon, including Lyon and Bron airports) and ACA (Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur, including Nice, Cannes and St Tropez airports) for concession purposes

Context and clients needs

French state issued a Request For Proposals for acquiring the 60% of the ADL and ACA shares for a concession period of 35 years. On the process of the preparation of indicative and binding proposals, the tenderers required IT advisory services as a part of the Due Diligence in order to facilitate a rational and adequate response to the French state.
The current status, expected/required evolution of the operations and supporting technology and on top of it, the associated costs for investment (CAPEX) and operations (OPEX) were key on the business plan estimation, specially in a so regulated environment such as some of the bigger airports in Europe. The client required to fully understand operational and maintenance needs and obligations, and ultimately, to have an economic evaluation of the investments and resources needed.
The challenge was to achieve such goal optimizing investments and operational costs whilst complying with the safety and security requirements and the environmental regulations.

Our value added

Airport Gurus team has an extensive experience in large airport deployment projects with the ability to transform actual airport business requirements into the map of needed applications, equipment and infrastructure needed to support such requirements, looking always to the strategic business implementation and regarding new operational and technological trends in the aviation sector.

AG identified and catalogued all existing ICT deployed systems, the current organization and duties allocation, and assessed its suitability to the airport operations. Operational and technological future airport ICT needs were assessed based on growth projections. Specifically, a physical and logical architecture definition was developed followed by a quantitative-qualitative analysis containing:

  • Gap identification
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Comprehensive ICT systems definition optimizing investment and operational costs
  • ICT transition and deployment roll out plan definition aligned with scheduled construction works

Ultimately, accurate Global OPEX and CAPEX was estimated for the complete 35 years concession period, based on quality of services and inversion requirements. A final Due Diligence report and binding offer aligned with the scheduled construction works was issued accounting: necessary licenses, planned obsolescence of systems and both preventive and corrective maintenance.

Key facts

  • More than 9 (Lyon) and 12 (Nice) MPax per year in 2017
  • Public tender for the acquisition of the 60% from ADL and ACA
  • 35 years concession estimation
  • To face offer: Not binding and Binding proposals for prequalified tenderers

Completion date: 2016

Quote of key stake-holder

  • Airport Functional Support: ICT platform evaluation and Due Diligence and ICT systems deployment strategy
  • Airport Safety & Security: Security deployment strategy, stakeholder engagement