Using expertise to participate in the construction of a new international airport in Bugesera, Rwanda focusing on Airport systems, Navaids design and specialist safeguarding activities

Rwanda highlights

Rwanda is a young country showing an impressive rate of development in business and infrastructure. It is being dubbed “the Singapore of Africa” and is in need of a new airport to serve its growing business community and act as a hub between Europe and Southern Africa.

Key features of this airport

Designed as a new greenfield airport to replace the existing Kigali Airport

PPP initiative under concession for an impressive 35 years

Master plan designed to implement constant upgrades until 2035

Our work at Rwanda – Mission & Scope


  • Using our expertise in IT to perform conceptual and detailed specifications design generation for all related systems

  • All stages of design review process for both airside and landside Working Packages using out expertise in Airside-Landside solutions management

  • Tender scope of work project definition

  • Carefully conceptualizing of ICT & Security Operations

Value added through our expertise


  • AG drew on our impressive track record and vast experience to embark on this exciting project at a new, growing airport which is proving to be a centre of opportunities for Rwanda.

  • AG acts as ICT design responsible within this project and offers expert guidance on safety and ATM issues.

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