What is the ingredient that gives our team its unique value proposition?

Expertise, passion, practicality, independence, and adaptability

Airport Operator/concessionaires

  • Defining airport needs
  • Coordinating procurement processes
  • Managing design and deployment projects
  • Coordinating the generation of operation procedures

Airport Industry

  • Preparing technical documents, SDDs, Installation designs, KPIs, Operational Manuals
  • Preparing commercial responses for tenders
  • Managing design, delivery and integration projects
  • Managing product generation and innovation activities
  • Participating on aviation innovation forums
  • Training and commissioning

A highly qualified and flexible team of professionals, able to get adapted to other organizations and processes under any circumstances, drawing on their resources to push them forward.

Our team includes

  • Airport Business Consultants
  • Airport Processes and Procedures Consultants
  • IT and architectural Engineers
  • Airport Operations Consultants
  • Airport Services and Systems auditors
  • Airport Systems Integration Consultants
  • Security Consultants
  • Site Security Managers

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