Managing a full operational deployment consultancy whilst setting up and guiding specifications for  operational and technology systems at this busy airport

Mexico City highlights

The city’s metropolitan area of over 20 million inhabitants make it the largest city in North America (larger than New York) and the second largest in Latin America. It is a growing business hub forming strategic links with Spain, the rest of Europe, US and South America and the world’s largest Spanish-speaking population.

Key features of this airport

50M + Pax per year

Serving most major US and Latin American cities

In urgent need of enhanced technology in order to boost capacity

Our work at Mexico City Airport– Mission & Scope.


  • Performing a full gap analysis of  technology used vs operational needs for a busy international airport.

  • A full operational systems specifications expertly designed to cover the airport’s needs and seek enhancement at the same time

  • Expertly consulting on the ideal deployment and master integration of systems across the airport in addition to AOCC

Value added through our expertise


Searching for the excelence as in everything we do, we were able to support and coach our partners at MEX in the following ways:

  • Using our expert knowledge in the sphere of airport capacity and technology requirements to develop a plan to bring forward and update the airport’s systems

  • Analysing the needs of the airport according to the client’s specifications and goals for growth

  • Deploying, commissioning and Master Integration of the entire airport-wide infrastructure and its careful adaptation to new AOCC processes put in place.

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