Using industry-specific expertise in a challenging environment for the elaboration of Security systems, Airport Operation Control Centre and IT SOPS in line with client’s needs.

Jeddah highlights

Jeddah is Saudi Arabia’s business centre and a large destination for global companies from across continents which results in a large expat community and a presence of many American and European chains. The city is also the gateway to Mecca and a centre of scientific and industrial development.

Key features of this airport

Over 670.000m2 of terminal extension area

More than 80 M pax per year as a target for 2035

300+ SOPs generated by AG’s team

Our work at Jeddah – Mission & Scope


  • Meeting with stakeholders for detailed review of all current procedures through an extensive review of documentation

  • Careful analysis and generation of over 300 SOP focused on three clear sectors using our expertise and wealth of knowledge and experience:

    • IT Standard operation procedures
    • Security standard operation procedures
    • Airport Operation Control Centre Procedures
  • Generation of Operation Manual and Operating& Maintenance manuals using expertise and specific needs of the location

Value added through our expertise


  • Performing in a challenging environment to fulfill the project and deliver outstanding standards in terms of quality. Using expert AG knowledge of working in different types of airports to complete a reorganisation and partial operation externalisation according to our client’s needs.

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