At Airport Gurus we are specialists in a very specific sector such as airport management and aviation. Our team has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in a very specific industry.

Our mission as a company is to achieve the application of technology as a priority in the operation within an airport, both on the ground side and on the air side.

This approach has allowed us to generate systems and procedures with which we can help our clients get their airport projects off the ground with a firm foundation, to explore aspects that have not been studied or are not feasible, creating expert assistance projects focused on solving those parked needs.

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Our mission as a company is to achieve the application of technology as a priority in the operation within an airport.

These expert consulting projects allow us, based on the pillars of technology and a deep understanding of airport operations, to provide support to clients when seeking a new market within their operation, to automate aspects of the operation that may remain out of scope, create a new service that can mix technological, logistical and operational aspects, as well as projects focused on the exploitation of data already collected with the airport or that want to understand how to collect them. As can be seen, the only limitation would be the airport environment as a place where it can be explored to accompany customers when thinking and searching beyond what they may currently be operating.

In the last year, we have even begun to remove that limitation of basing our environment on airports and aviation, first expanding our knowledge and experience, entering other activity environments such as the transport of the future or reaching smart cities.

This has allowed us to start flying with other companies to analyze and extrapolate this expert consultancy to fields such as transport based on hyperloop capsules or aspects that may affect the cities of the future, such as eVOL movements.

Think internally about those projects or services within your airport, both as an organization and as an operation, that are stopped or that do not know how to study them with an adequate basis and let our team understand that need to be able to put together an expert support collaboration extremely focused on driving all the thoughts and resources towards having a solution adapted to that need and that allows that desire or that function that is in a drawer and that has potential, can be studied and have a viability, thanks to our accompaniment and making knowledge available to us extensive and experience that guarantees future success.

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