Management and streamlining of retail spaces at DEN through procurement of commercial exploitation and the careful advisory of all IT and management solutions to achieve this

Denver highlights

Denver is one of our most-known North America locations and a project marked by success. The airport is an extremely strategic business hub between other North American cities and the Midwest region and a connection between the US coasts. It is famous for skiing, trendsetting cities and outdoor pursuits.

Key features of this airport

More than 50M pax per year and growing

Large commercial space of 56,500 square feet

51 commercial retail spaces up and running

Our work at Denver Airport – Mission & Scope


  • Using our expertise to seek and implement the ideal technological solution, IT systems design architecture and necessary processes required to fully meet customer’s business goals.

  • Providing full guidance and accompaniment in setting up tenant’s contractual arrangements for commercial spaces with the aim of achieving customer data management goals.

  • Taking the lead in proposing and setting the ideal tendering and evaluation of solutions aiming to acquire of technology and integration processes in order to ensure the bridging of all aspects into a complete, workable system.

Value added through our expertise


As Gurus in everything we do, we were able to support and coach our partners at DEN in the following ways:

  • Using our expertise and track-record in enhancing existing airports to avoid disruption to existing terminal operations in an already busy, working airport.

  •  Seeking a solution with 100% compliance to the airport’s contractual agreements by using our experience in optimisation to seek a solution that fully minimised Capex/Opex costs.

  • Enhancing our partner’s and our retailer’s levels of business success across the space while also identifying the best systems for data analysis.

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