Airport Gurus supports customers from the very early stages, on the construction of new terminals, the extension of existing ones or the optimization processes for existing infrastructures

Operational areas functional design

  • Dimensioning and design of terminal operational areas (check-in, security, etc.)
  • Airport Operational Control Centre (AOCC) functional design

Concepts of operation

  • Elaboration of Operation Concepts for airport terminal processes (passenger, baggage, AOCC, etc.)
  • Processes flows definition, evaluation and optimization (passenger, baggage, etc.)

Infrastructures dimensioning

  • Dimensioning and design of terminal ancillary areas (ICT rooms, power distribution, etc.)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • SOPs definition for operation processes and areas (AOCC, passenger, terminal services, facilities, etc.)
  • SOPs audit, analysis and optimization

Airport organization definition

  • Identification of required roles and associated functions regarding airport processes and procedures.
  • Definition of required skills for identified roles

Commercial and management support

  • Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) processes support (training, tests, organization, etc.)
  • Tenders preparation or response
  • PMO support

Airport Functional Support

“Proper and adequate business processes and procedures, optimize airport revenues and minimize incidences impact”